Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I didnt get to choose families.

Let's talk about the picture.

This was in a dusty classroom. Those were the walls and the door.
The classroom's desks were made into operating tables.
Electricity isnt an affordable luxury too.

Improper? very much.

But it had to be done. Just so they wont need to consult "doctors" who offer a cheaper-than-hospital price for their "service", which has caused life-threatening bleeding in the past.

One of those days I was in Cambodia, I realized that instead of being fated to be born into my family...I could've easily be one of these poor malnourished children. It is COMPLETELY out of my control, in which country, let alone in which family I was born into.

So, then do they deserve a different treatment from the doctors than the kings, who with all due respect happen to be chosen to be born into their families?

Absolutely not =)

May we all be doctors with a GOLDEN standard of care to all. Insha Allah.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What clever people keep saying about clever things.

This morning, I was sitting in my developmental neuroscience class, listening to the lecturer..

"Aristotle claims that the brain is the organ of thought but not the basis for thought.

Does this make sense to you?

Well,let me explain. In today's world we talk about the brain being mainly tissues and we talk about brain functions. Now,not all brain functions can be localized neuroanatomically..many many networks and parts of the brain can be activated during a certain task.So,we know there is a function but where exactly is it performed in the brain? we cannot tell."
said my lecturer.

And he continued,
"What's also amazing is that we know that for example oligodendocytes make myelins for the axons and astrocytes maintain the environment in the brain. But it seems now, there are some evidence of these cells exchanging roles...And I mean oligodendrocytes taking the role of astrocytes and vice versa."

And I thought, "Amazing, Subhanallah."

And then he said "But is there guidance for brain development?? Of course there is! It is guided by NATURE." this point i thought. "What??"

I mean, if I lay out all the ingredients to make a cake on a table, but never go on to make it..would it be a cake?

Every simplest thing has got to be MADE into what it is. The ingredients of a simple creation cant spontaneously come together to become it no matter how abundant these ingredients are in nature..

I've never heard of even little minute creatures in nature like bacteria to ever spontaneously come into existence on a lab table.

It only makes sense to me therefore that there is the Creator who creates and makes.

Then comes the question, so how can nature guide something that isnt known to it...since it is made by Someone else?

Then can the development of the complex brain that has been studied for yeaaaarss and yeaaarsss yet is still VERY VERY much one of man's most intriguing enigma be guided by..nature?..

It just doesnt seem to me like a valid statement, what more logical..what more true.

Allah knows best.

Mammalian brain wiring seen in technicolour.
Source:Chemistry World

Monday, 5 October 2009

Why stop hoping?

Sehanyut-hanyut manusia, dia takkan hanyut melebihi lautan Allah,

Sesesat-sesat manusia, dia takkan sesat melebihi bumi Allah,

Sebagus-bagus manusia, dia takkan terlepas dari ujian Allah,

Sehebat-hebat manusia, dia takkan pernah mampu berhenti mengagumi kehebatan Allah.

No one is too far from Allah, yet no one can ever be too close too.

"Dan apabila hamba2Ku bertanya kepadamu(Muhammad) tentang Aku, maka sesungguhnya Aku dekat. Aku kabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila dia berdoa kepadaKu. Hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (perintah)Ku dan beriman kepadaKu, agar mereka memperoleh kebenaran" 2:186