Wednesday, 18 November 2009


i worked hard to get to a place not everyone can reach.
i own things not everyone can own.
in fact, i can achieve much more than this if i want to.
i am undeniably better than many people i know.
-Obnokschus Subconschus.

For OS to be telling the truth that he(or she, if you like) has the right to claim posession of the trophy for his success and more to come, he needs to at least be able to prove that..

he has been breathing self-made air to arrive at success :) no?

OS can be us in our good days. Feeling so proud being at the top (of whatever little bumps, even). Subconciously feeling better from people we (ever so subtly sometimes) perceive as being non-bump members.

The fact is though, look around...our bumps arent all that big anyway. Not putting ourselves down, but we are dependent for air, resources from the soil and water we can't make from scratch, the most basic things for us to succeed.

And yes, just like OS, we do not have full control over life neither are we self-sufficient in our journey to success. We cant guarantee anything.

It's almost embarassing then, for a moment to think of the times (hopefully not all the time) we feel ..simply put, better than others.

-talk about being thick =P