Monday, 8 June 2009

My right to complain.

If one had Einstein as his supervisor, and then given a truck of workload. Would he groan in Eistein's face? He would simply accept, awestruck by the fact that he is being supervised by one of the epitomes of intelligence, one cannot deny.

When an examination takes place, no unnecessary speaking or actions take place. Everyone behaves so appropriately that any slight misconduct is noticed by everyone in the examination hall.

But everyday, we find things to complain about. In the face of our God. The Almighty All-Wise All-Hearing All-Seeing Great God. Instead of bowing down in gratefulness and patience, we complain...and without shame too. About the weather, studies, food, work. Everything. But we know He watches us, listens to all times. And to think, it is He who provides all that we complain about. It is a part of His plan for the best. Yet He listens to us complaining about every little gift of challenge, of hardship we fail to notice.

Everyday, we speak as we wish..regardless of things being true or not, necessary or unimportant , using language we will never use with anyone respectable, let alone noble. It is nice to ponder upon the fact that a very knowledgeable and practising religious teacher does not speak the way a mob does.

Would we speak differently and act differently had we understood how noble are the recorders(Raqib and Atid, the angels) in the eyes of Allah? 'Kiraaman kaatibin' they are described as in the Quran. The noble recorders. A statement by the God so great, that nothing can be compared with Him.

This God called them noble.

Noblemen in human terms are people around kings and queens with mountains of richness and great descendence. We arent talking human terms at all in this issue but in terms infinitely greater.

And needless to note, these noble creations accompany all times.

..................................... we are weaklings. Ungrateful and rude weaklings that You bestow with mercy and love everyday at all times.

Guide us Ya Allah. To goodness in dunia and akhirah.