Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I didnt get to choose families.

Let's talk about the picture.

This was in a dusty classroom. Those were the walls and the door.
The classroom's desks were made into operating tables.
Electricity isnt an affordable luxury too.

Improper? very much.

But it had to be done. Just so they wont need to consult "doctors" who offer a cheaper-than-hospital price for their "service", which has caused life-threatening bleeding in the past.

One of those days I was in Cambodia, I realized that instead of being fated to be born into my family...I could've easily be one of these poor malnourished children. It is COMPLETELY out of my control, in which country, let alone in which family I was born into.

So, then do they deserve a different treatment from the doctors than the kings, who with all due respect happen to be chosen to be born into their families?

Absolutely not =)

May we all be doctors with a GOLDEN standard of care to all. Insha Allah.