Friday, 22 January 2010

A love letter in sweet honesty.

To the Most loving...

You must love me because,

I need to wake up everyday knowing my parents are okay, I really do.

When I walk to school, I must not meet with an accident, I must not.

I need my limbs, my eyes, my mouth, my youth to be with me...they cannot be damaged, for that will be pain I cannot bear.

You cannot let anything happen to my brothers and sisters too.

That famine in Africa, natural disaster in Haiti and Indonesia..they are just not for me.

You have to love me, Allah, and protect me from all that. You must.

But, You have to understand that i can't love you the 'same' way.

You must understand that I cannot obey all your rules.

I have needs and I cannot be patient with all that rules.

I'm sorry, yes, but...what can i do?

You must love me and give me air, or I'll die.

You are the Most Loving, remember?

But You can't expect me to say thanks all the time. I forget easily.

I know I cannot live without your love, but You can without mine...

Lastly Allah...
I cannot stand the Fire..You must save me from it. I want to be a dweller of Paradise.


While this may not be the speech of the tongue, but it may well be the louder speech, that of our actions.

...too much?