Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Throw it or Read it?

A teacher once asked me,

Would you throw away a letter sent to your mailbox without seeing who is it for?

And then, she asked, "Would you then throw it away if you see it's for you?"

She continued, "You then learn that it's from your mother. Or anyone else in your life that you know sincerely and truly cares about you. Would you then throw it away?"

I said "No." to all the above.

And then, she went to describe the letter. " Very well. You then read the letter. In it, your mother wrote, "I want you to read this letter carefully, my dear, for these are important things I want you to know." "

Had my mother really wrote like that I would have had goosebumps.

My teacher continued. "She writes about what could harm you and asked you to avoid it. She writes about what would make you happy and to seek it. Ever so frequently, she told you she loves you, cares about you."

"Think about how you would feel about this letter. This very personal letter."

"Now, think about this Book." She put her hands on the Qur'an. "This book is for everyone of us. Every single one. From Him who loves us even before anyone else could begin to love us and after everyone has forgotten us. Think about how we should take His advice and His warnings."

Amazingly enough, the very first thing He lets known of this 'letter' is..

"Read. In the name of your Lord.." Al-Alaq, verse 1.

Would we really read and understand what the Book says?