Thursday, 27 August 2009

Heart to heart about my superheart

I was flipping through a little pocket book of 40 hadith, that was given to me as a gift from a friend.

My favourite one is always and always hadith number 42.

But tonight, my mind keeps coming back to hadith 27 that goes like this:

Wabishah bin Ma'bad ra berkata:
Aku datang kepada Rasulullah SAW. Baginda bersabda, "Adakah engkau datang untuk bertanya tentang kebajikan?". Aku berkata, "Ya."

Baginda bersabda,

"Bertanyalah kepada hatimu. Kebajikan adalah apa yang menjadikan tenang jiwa dan hati, sedangkan dosa adalah apa yang menggelisahkan jiwa dan menimbulkan keraguan dalam hati, meskipun orang-orang terus membenarkanmu."

As simple as that...

It struck me hard. The fact is, really...I KNOW when i'm doing right and when i'm doing wrong. No matter what people may say.

I dont need to read books and learn extensively to tell what's right from wrong.

I was born with a heart. A superheart. Subhanallah...that I should always listen to.

My heart spoke, "so who is to blame when you still want to harm yourself?"

I pondered.

Allah loves you, that He gave you your heart.

"Kenape aku tak sayang diri aku sendiri selame ni. Sdgkan aku tak sanggup ke neraka."