Tuesday, 18 August 2009

the KIUTness of terengganu!!

KIUT stands for keen's teachers.

There are kiutors, who are overseas univ students and there are kiutees. Our kiutees are 11 year old pupils dari kelas plg terkebelakang in a rural area school.

KIUT MIUT programme is where kiutors Meet, Interact, Understand and Train the kiutees. Meeting the students isnt the essential part of the prog. One meet, and then communication continues via letters and postcards between kiutors and kiutees.

We aim to provide strong and continuous motivation and support to these children since they are still very young.

"melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya." "mencegah lebih baik dpd mengubati" kata org.

They still have a large capacity to thrive, however left behind they are now. Insha Allah.

Me n my team chose Terengganu.

SK Bukit Losong's last standard 5 class, 5 Akrab.

We decided to meet the kids. psyched!!! XD

KFC lunch with the kiutees~ semua tesipu2 lg, belang belum nampak!

We kicked off in the computer lab. Videos, songs and our picture slides of life in the UK. The kids got excited~

"Siaaapa jumpa Losong dalam world map ni???"

Yg angkat tgn ni bkn yg jumpa Losong dlm world map, tp yg minat Manchester United. =P
"Nanti saya nak pergi sini."

"Abang kecik2 dulu dok tahu buat mende gi skoloh. Gi balek maen gi balek maen. Dpt UPSR corot,baru nak temenung. Ni abang nok kabo pengalamang abang sendiri...."

Fuh, Salam hebat gile. Even managed to capture the naughty ones attention!

Had a chance to pray Dzuhur and Asr with our kiutees. Our prayers for all these lovelies.


Assalamualaikum ^_^

Apa khabar hari ini?

Seronok dapat berkenalan dengan awak =)

Nama awak siapa?

Awak darjah berapa?

Pada waktu lapang, apa yang paling awak suka buat?

Nanti dah besar, awak nak jadi apa?

Banyak betul tanya abang/kakak ni. Hehe. Balaslah nanti bila senang. Dan tanyalah pula apa yang adik nak tahu tentang abang/kakak. =)

Belajar rajin-rajin. Jaga diri dan jaga solat ye!

Yang seronok dapat berkawan dengan adik,

Abang/ Kakak.

A letter received by each pupil to start off KIUT programme.

Kiutors had to assist the children to reply to the abang kakak as not all can spell and write well. Their letters will fly with us to the UK to be handed to the kiutors so KIUT can kick off~...chomel kakak ni XD.

Take a break, with some cartoons =D

Dah petang, takkan tak gi main! Game ni nama dia sukakuiz. dah bawak bola pingpong guna sudu sampai depan ade kuiz pulak.
"Betaw akak rukun Islam." "Yg tu yg ada 5 ke 6 yeh kak?"
"Crocodiles are reptiles,mammals or plants?" " PLANTS!"

A lot of children out there did not get the opportunities and supportive learning environment we did when we were smaller.
They are brilliant and active in nature but are slow to learn things in class. Maybe it's just motivation and support that is lacking. Kiutors play a role to send and reply postcards/letters, send presents when they excel in the exams (or get their first A!) and get them driven.

With a little push and guidance, Insha Allah, more children can become better people in dunia n akhirat.

Overseas uni students interested to have a kiutee from the KIUT programme,
please contact Daus at



el nino said...

good job anis..!

Anonymous said...

yeah i appreciate your work are doing good work for children..this perfect place for them where they can learn more..
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