Sunday, 9 August 2009

my cambodia snippet 2

A boy in a cooking pot, center of picture. Little boats like the one in the corner of the picture are the common transport of the poor along Tonle Sap.

A pot of guilt and regret.

We stumbled upon many beggars in Cambodia. Every time we eat lunch at a stall, there will be little children poking us, asking for money. After we finish our food, these children will swarm the table to eat our leftovers.

Allah...the first time this happened we were..speechless. Our toothpicks, our tissue papers were floating in our bowls. They simply removed them...and ate their hearts out.

Traumatized, we always offered fresh meals for the children beggars the next times we eat (a bowl of noodles isn't so pricey in Cambodia).

However, this boy was different.

We were on a boat along the Tonle Sap lake. As usual, "" can be heard all around. As we were to take off, this boy came rowing as fast as he can, crying for money. Crying. This, never happened. We gave him a little sum of money and we take off.

And he cried even harder, screaming for more. I was puzzled. But we already took off.

"Could it be that his mother is so sick, he needs money desperately?"
"When was the last time he ate?"

....why is he in a pot, shouldnt he be in a boat like every other poor beggars around?

I dont know anything about the boy but I knew he was desperate. And truly.....I could have given him more. I really.really could.

But there isnt a second chance, I dont think.

Still, I just cannot forget.



Seri said...

Anisss, remember me? :)

anisfozi said...

seri munirah??

Anonymous said...

wow...its very adventurous for that liitle boy in A cooking pot......searching for shelter..
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